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Video of Len Tipping's Memorial Service

The link to the video of Len's Service is: 

All editions of "The Anchor"

The editions are: Issue 53 - Last (Sun 11th July),  Issue 52 (Sun 4th July),  Issue 51 (Sun 27th June), Issue 50 (Sun 20th June), Issue 49 (Sun 6th June),  Issue 48 (Trinity Sunday 30th May), Issue 47 (Pentecost Sun 23rd May),  Issue 46 (Sun 28th March),  Issue 45 (Sun 21st March),  Issue 44 (Sun 14th March), Issue 43 (Sun 7th March), Issue 42 (Sun 28th Feb), Issue 41 (Sun 21st Feb),  Issue 40 (Sun 7th Feb),  Issue 39 (Sun 31st Jan),  Issue 38 (Sun 24th Jan),  Issue 37 (Sun 17th Jan),  Issue 36 (Sun 10th Jan), Issue 35 (Sun 3rd Jan),  Issue 34 (Sun 13th Dec),  Issue 33 (Sun 6th Dec),  Issue 32 (Sun 29th Nov),  Issue 31 (Sun 22nd Nov),  Issue 30 (Sun 15th Nov),  Issue 29 (Sunday 8th Nov), Issue 28 (Sunday 25th Oct),  Issue 27 (Sunday 18th Oct),  Issue 26 (Sunday 11th Oct), Issue 25 (Sunday 4th Oct.),  Issue 24 (Sunday 27th Sep.), Issue 23 (Sunday 20th Sep.),  Issue 22 (Sunday 13th Sep.),  Issue 21 (Sunday 6th Sep.),  Issue 20 (Sunday 30th Aug.), Issue 19 (Sunday 23rd Aug.), Issue 18 (Sunday 16th Aug.), Issue 17 (Sunday 26th July), Issue 16 (Sunday 19th July),  Issue 15 (Sunday 12th July),  Issue 14 (Sunday 5th July), Issue 13 (Sunday 28th June), Issue 12 (Sunday 21st June),  Issue 11 (Sunday 14th June),  Issue 10 (Trinity Sunday 7th June), Issue 9 (Pentecost Sunday 31st May), Issue 8 (Sunday 24th May), Issue 7 (Sunday 17th May),  Issue 6 (Sunday 10th May),  Issue 5 (Sunday 3rd May), fourth (Sunday 26th April),  third (Sunday 19th April), second (Easter Day 12th April) and  first (Palm Sunday 5th April).  

North Camp & Joint On-Line Services:   

The final joint On-line Service (Sunday 16th May) led by Rev Gina Hoff. 
The joint On-line Service for Sunday 2nd May led by Rev Gina Hoff. 
The joint On-line Service for Sunday 18th April led by Rev Gina Hoff. 
The Joint On-line Service for Easter Sunday 4th April led by Rev Gina Hoff. 
The Joint On-line Service for Good Friday 2nd April led by Rev Gina Hoff. 
The On-line Service for Palm Sunday 28th March. 
The On-line Service for Passion Sunday 21st March 2021. 
The On-line Service for Mothering Sunday 14th March 2021. 
The On-line Service for Sunday 7th March titled 'Jesus in the Temple'. 
The On-line Service for Sunday 28th Feb 2021 titled 'Turning for Home'. 
The Service for Sunday 21st February titled 'Jesus in the Wilderness'.  
The On-line Service for Sunday 7th February 2021 titled 'Power, Prayer and Priorities'.  
The On-line Service for Sunday 31st January, 2021. 
The Circuit Service for Local Preacher Commissioning, Sunday 24th January, 2021. 
The Covenant Service for Sunday 17th January, 2021. 
The Epiphany Service for Sunday 10th January, 2021. 
The Christmas Day Service 2020 for Aldershot and North Camp Methodist Churches. 
The North Camp Methodist Church 2020 Carol Service
Our Remembrance Service video of 8th Nov 2020 is accessible from our facebook page

The "Video Reflections" were replaced by the above on-line services.

The Video Reflections are: 32nd video (The Voice),  31st video (Hoping for a better world),  30th video (How beautiful are your feet?), 29th video (Christ the King),  28th video (Waiting...), 27th video (The Greatest Gift),  26th video (Simon says...),  25th video (Wedding Preparations),  24th video (Being a Good Tenant), 23rd video (Just talking the talk?), 22nd video (Where is Your Home?), 21st video (Looking for the Church),  20th video (The Best of All), 19th video (A Stumbling Block?), Circuit Service 23rd Aug. (But what about you ...), 17th video (Camping Out), 16th video (Goodness and Grace),  15th video (Listening Carefully),  14th video (Come, everyone who thirsts...),  13th video (Hidden Figures), 12th video (More important than climbing Everest),  11th video (Neither... nor), 10th video (Compassion, calling and a difficult saying), 9th video (Disciples with Doubts),  8th video (Pentecost),  7th video (Waiting for the 'new normal'), 6th Video (While Paul was waiting..), video 5 (The Family Likeness),  Video 4 (The Voice of the Shepherd) video 3 (Hope on the road to Emmaus),  video 2 (Thomas and his understandable questions) and  video 1 (Reflection on Easter Day).