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 Previous editions of "The Anchor"

The previous editions are: Issue 16 (Sunday 19th July),  Issue 15 (Sunday 12th July),  Issue 14 (Sunday 5th July), Issue 13 (Sunday 28th June), Issue 12 (Sunday 21st June),  Issue 11 (Sunday 14th June),  Issue 10 (Trinity Sunday 7th June), Issue 9 (Pentecost Sunday 31st May), Issue 8 (Sunday 24th May), Issue 7 (Sunday 17th May),  Issue 6 (Sunday 10th May),  Issue 5 (Sunday 3rd May), fourth (Sunday 26th April),  third (Sunday 19th April), second (Easter Day 12th April) and  first (Palm Sunday 5th April).  

Video Reflections from Revd Chris Blake

The earlier Reflections are: 15th video (Listening Carefully),  14th video (Come, everyone who thirsts...),  13th video (Hidden Figures), 12th video (More important than climbing Everest),  11th video (Neither... nor), 10th video (Compassion, calling and a difficult saying), 9th video (Disciples with Doubts),  8th video (Pentecost),  7th video (Waiting for the 'new normal'), 6th Video (While Paul was waiting..), video 5 (The Family Likeness),  Video 4 (The Voice of the Shepherd) video 3 (Hope on the road to Emmaus),  video 2 (Thomas and his understandable questions) and  video 1 (Reflection on Easter Day). A note about these is given below: 

"The video reflection that I posted for the Easter Weekend appears to have been appreciated and I've been encouraged by a number of people to continue with this idea. I'm happy to do this and I will try to post a short video reflection at the end of each week. .....  Please free to comment on each week's video with your own comments and insights using the Facebook or YouTube comments section so that we can make the video reflection a conversation starter rather than just a one-way' talk. Many thanks for your encouragement to continue with this project" - Chris Blake.