North Camp Methodist Church

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Life Events - Baptism

At North Camp we love children and welcome all parents who want to celebrate the birth of their baby.

We offer two types of service: Thanksgiving or Baptism (sometimes known as a Christening).

Baptism involves the parents and godparents making declarations about their faith, including regularly taking an active part in the worshipping life of the church. Increasingly some parents cannot do that with integrity so they choose a thanksgiving service to celebrate the birth instead of baptism, because the element of commitment is more open.

There are baptism preparation sessions for parents which regularly run during the 11.00am service, these provide an opportunity to explore the meaning of baptism and the promises that are part of the service.

To help parents fulfil the vows they will take at their child's baptism, we also invite you to join in an evening event were we discuss faith and its relevance to today, it also provides an opportunity to ask any questions. This will help you to understand the vows they are making and it will also help you to answer their children's questions about Christianity as they grow up.

There are no fees for baptisms or thanksgivings.


If you have not been to a service at North Camp before, come along to our family service, which starts at 11.00am each Sunday. There is a crèche every Sunday and groups for children between 3-11 years. The service lasts about an hour and would be an ideal opportunity to get a feel for what you are undertaking, especially if you are planning on a Service of Baptism.

For more information contact the Church Office between 9am and 11.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to arrange to talk to someone about the next step for you.